1. How is the shelf life of Fallaleaf products?

Our products are typically long lasting as we leverage on the natural properties of Areca tree fibre extracts. These extracts are extremely permeable providing a natural bacterial protection whilst emitting 88.4% of far infrared rays which enhances the shelf life of the food served on it.

  1. Can Fallaleaf dinnerware be used for hot and cold foods?

Yes. All our dinnerware are naturally heat resistant and waterproof ensuring it’s suitability for all types of food.

  1. Are there any bonding agents used to hold their strength and shape of Fallaleaf dinnerware?

No. All Fallaleaf dinnerware are produced naturally and are long-lasting due to the natural properties of the leaves.

  1. Are any chemicals added or coating done in manufacturing of these plates?

No chemicals or additives are utilised in the manufacturing process.

  1. Are any trees / leaves being cut for getting the raw material?

No. In line with our vision for a sustainable future, our core raw material only comprises of fallen dry leaves which would otherwise have been discarded as waste.

  1. How do Fallaleaf products react when disposed?

The natural and organic features of all Fallaleaf products ensure that they are completely biodegradable and compostable.

  1. Can we use Fallaleaf dinnerware in refrigerator?

Yes. Users can rest assured that no chemical reaction between food and product will take place.

  1. Can we use Fallaleaf dinnerware in the microwave and oven?

Yes. All Fallaleaf dinnerware have been tested for heat durability in microwaves and ovens at high temperatures of up to 200°C. For added safety, always use a flat baking tray instead of placing the dinnerware directly on the oven’s iron rod.

  1. How strong is Fallaleaf Products?

Fallaleaf products take advantage of the complex yet strong cellular structure of plants assuring users a very robust and durable product.

  1. How do Fallaleaf products impact the society?

In addition to creating an environmentally sustainable society, our production and operation facilities generate ample employment opportunities in both India and Malaysia.