Established in 1986, our company has been at the forefront for production and supply of high-quality packaging services for pharmaceuticals and food products.  Our products today are a result of extensive research throughout the years. Using dry sheaths from Areca trees as the core materials, we monitor and control every level of the production chain to ensure the quality is never compromised.

One of our most successful projects to date is Fallaleaf. Launched in 2007, this trademarked brand aims to provide an alternative to the use of plastics and Styrofoam, which are main contributors to global environmental issues. As a pioneer in this industry, we believe we can drive positive change globally, one step at a time.


As the founder of Jesa Enterprise Sdn. Bhd, Mr. Ayamany Sinakalai’s involvement in the  community service begin at a very young age. Driven by passion for sustainable living, he is a strong advocate and an active member of many “Go Green” initiatives and CSR programmes, both locally and abroad.

Believing that he could contribute more towards society and coupled with his vast experience in the food packaging industry, he envisioned to one day develop a sustainable solution to pollution and environmentally unfriendly waste. And as someone of Dravidian descent who still practices serving food on banana leaves, the concept of developing an eco-friendly dinnerware using Areca leaves was conceived. Several years of research, product development and experimentation followed thereafter, and the rest they say is history.

All Fallaleaf products have been certified by independent quality testers both locally and abroad. To date, Fallaleaf Natural Dinnerware is being sold at over a hundred retail outlets in Malaysia. In addition, the products have also gained recognition in several countries such as Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe. As Fallaleaf’s products continue to grow from strength to strength, Mr Ayamany’s vision for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future is truly coming to fruition.