Jesa Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. (formerly Jesa Enterprise) was establised in 1986 with the aim of producing and supplying high quality packaging services for pharmaceutical and food products. With the past decade harnessing consumer power to effect positive environmental changes, Jesa Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. decided it's time to create a new face for itself in the upcoming Green Society.With the start of a research and development program to make eco friendly products from dry sheaths of Palm Trees from the year 2007 onwards it has been the goal to give the society a green solution that leaves no print. Our newly launched products are the synergy of innovation and creativity that would be able to provide excellent and reliable products to its current and potential customers. By being present in the entire business chain from manufacturing, marketing, retailing, developing and selling we provide our clients a complete solution.

Mr. Ayamany Sinakalai is the founder of Jesa Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. He was born in Melaka, Malaysia. Being vastly involved in community service from a very young age created the foundation for his ideology of green living.

Being involved in the food packaging industry for the past 30 years provided Mr. Ayamany enough experience and perseverance to launch a new Eco Friendly production in conjunction to our growing green society in a clean and hygienic environment.

Locally as one of the panel of judges for MBPJ (LA21), his vast involvement in community sustainable living programs mainly on Green Environment, Eco Friendly Homemade Enzyme, Klang River Pollution Awareness, recycling and composting programs and trips to rural areas of Thailand under the Jabatan Perpaduan Negara Integrasi Nasional, JPNIN programme, where he visited Thailand villages from south to north on sustainable living. He has had immense involvement in India CSR (community social responsibility) on cluster project and SASY on self empowerment. This was the start of his inspiration to find a solution.

He often wondered what would be the solution to reduce and create awareness about Environmentally Unfriendly usage to the public. Being originated from a Dravidian culture that always taught us to use leaves to serve food such as Banana leaves, the idea to start a project using leaves emerged. He gathered a set of capable team members to start this journey of researching about the usage of leaves in a more commercialized manner. The start of this simple idea was then developed into many stages of vast exploration and experimentation throughout the years to come.

“Most of my time is spent on community sustainability research, which got me very much interested in the environmental friendly living lifestyle. My recent years of research on the Eco Friendly Dinnerware made from palm leaves and sheaths have been of much satisfaction not just on a professional level but on a personal level to.”