Aman 9″ Round Classic Plate

Baked goodies taste and smell extra aromatic with Fallaleaf! (Similar concept to cooking with banana leaves, lotus leaves etc.)

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Duyong – Cake Pans

Each plate is crafted from a ‘upih pinang’ that naturally falls to the ground, causing no harm to the environment. Baked goodies taste and smell extra aromatic with Fallaleaf!

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Leaves no Print

As the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) movement continues to trend upwards, there is an increasing demand for eco-friendly products especially in many emerging global economies. Using fallen dried Areca sheaths as our core material, the mantra “Turning waste to wealth” is very much alive at Fallaleaf. As we strive to ensure our products consistently meet the high standards set by the community, the entire production process is performed in an eco-friendly environment at our very own facility.

How is it made

The process begins with the collection, grading and pressure cleaning of naturally fallen sheaths from Areca trees. Then, they are heat pressed to form the desired shapes before being packed for distribution. As an Eco Label certified company, our line of production is conducted in a ‘cleanroom’ environment under stringent conditions, ensuring all Fallaleaf products meet the international quality standards. As an advocate for natural organic quality, no chemicals are used, and each plate will be individually inspected by our Quality Control unit.


Fallaleaf is a great example of how each and everyone of us has it, within us, the ability to protect and conserve our environment. Fallaleaf’s idea of turning palm fronds into tableware is a brilliant example of how on man’s vision no matter how small or ‘way-out-there’ it may seem at the outset, can lead to a bigger and wider impact on the environment. I, for one will be proud to use Fallaleaf’s plates and bowls on my dining table.

Zaini Ahmad / TV Host and Producer

This is from my dad’s favourite Char Kway Teow stall at Kallang Airport Hawker Centre – Lao Fu Zi. A week ago, they were still using Styrofoam plates. They have since started using Fallaleaf, a product made from fallen palm leaves, picked n heat pressed into a plate shape. I was pretty impressed that hawkers are starting to think about eco friendly ways to serve their food.

Astral Rae / Singapore

I love fallaleaf products, it’s a great alternative! The great thing about this product is, even the manufacturing process of this product conserves so much energy unlike some green products that use a lot of energy to be created. We enjoy using them for all our events , they don’t just look beautiful but they are very practical!

Chew Yoong / Organization Integration Manager, Justlife Group Sdn Bhd

Beautiful high quality tableware that matches all occasions! I use for all my events from kids parties, weddings and to corporate events!

Alice / iheart Party Event Stylist

Mr.Ayamany and his amazing family who develop, design and make palm leaf products, naturally degradable plates and bakeware. Urge you to consider using this for your picnics and bbq’s instead of plastic take away boxes and polystrene plates. Totally biodegradable! Fallaleaf products can go in the oven for your lasagnas’ and cakes. Such a beautiful family and an amazing venture. Oh and the plates? They are really beautiful.

Renai Mattu / Emcee, TV Host, Producer, Bloomberg TV

Fallaleaf crockery and cutlery is eco friendly to the environment and very presentable and functional. I use it at every opportunity I get.

Geeta / Founder and chef of Culinary Capers

“Salam Iftar from Malaysia! Breaking fast today with the fam picnic style with these 100% natural Fallaleaf plates that I’ so excited about coz it’s made from fallen dried palm leaves. Thanks Fallaleaf for helping make the world a better place!

Yuna / Malaysian Singer & Songwriter

A wonerful interview with Uncle Ayamany from Fallaleaf. So inspiring!

Azliyanti Ib – Berahim / Potret Niaga TV Host, TV 3

From ‘upih pinang’ or palm leaves! It’s a great alternative to polystyrene as it is eco-friendly, sustainable and most importantly, as a Malaysian product! The process of making it doesn't’t involve any chemicals and uses fallen palm leaf fronds that usually goes to waste.

Petrosains / The Discovery Centre

I am very proud of Fallaleaf, it’s a sign that someone in Malaysia is taking it’s stand in rethinking for the environment but most of all staying in the game for this long. Fallaleaf have great simple design and make any food look healthy and chic.

Pamela Noor / Owner of Konscious Cafe